1. Bids

    See any current bids or RFPs the District has made available.

  2. Park Card

    To apply, residents must visit Great Neck House in person. There is no Great Neck Park District park card application form.

  3. Parking Permit

    Purchase a daily, monthly or annual commuter parking ticket and apply for your parking window decal.

  4. Pooch Pass

    Park District residents may bring their dog(s) to our dog park, after obtaining a Pooch Pass from Great Neck House.

  5. Photo/Filming Permit

    If you are interested in shooting a commercial photo/film at one of our parks or facilities, find the information here.

  6. Athletic Field Permit

    Find information here if you are interested in reserving one of our ball fields.

  7. Marina Permit

    Apply for your Marina Permit online and see particular fees.

  8. Rock Wall Waiver Application

    A consent form must be completed and signed for a child to use the rock-climbing wall.

  9. Tree Sponsorship

    Sponsor a tree in one of our parks as part of our 100 Trees for 100 Years program.

  10. Outdoor Tennis Permit

    Outdoor Tennis rules and requirements