Summer Swim

Parkwood Family Aquatic Center at sunset


What is learned in each swimming level?

Check here what you need to know to move up a swimming level.

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Only Park District residents are eligible to purchase a Parkwood Family Aquatic Center pool membership. Members MUST agree that she/he has read and will follow all rules & regulations. The rules are found here.

We offer a variety of membership options to fit your needs.
The early bird special pricing ends Sunday May 7, 2017

Family                            Early bird $ 375  Regular $ 400

 Two registered adults living at the same residence.
All registered children under 25.
All additional registered adults 25+ within a household need their own membership.

Family of Two               Early bird $ 310  Regular $ 325

Two registered adults living at the same residence 18+, or one adult 18+ and one child under 18

Individual                        Early bird $ 210  Regular $ 230

One registered adult 18+.

Senior                               Early Bird  $ 130   Regular $ 140

  All registered adults 65+.

Adult 5-Day Pass

All registered adults 18+.
Has no guest privileges.
Can be purchased only once per season.

Child 5-Day Pass

All registered children under 18.
Has no guest privileges.
Can be purchased only once per season. 

We offer a

special discount

to Great Neck Park District active/ retired United States military. Active police, firefighters/EMTs.  YOU MUST submit proof of service or active participation to Great Neck House prior to purchasing your discounted membership.  Proof of service, or active participation, is required every time you renew your park card to continue receiving your discount.
To check prices or to purchase a membership click here. 

Guest Passes

Guest passes can be purchased ahead of time to allow for purchases on other days than the Sabbath.  Passes are available for children to age 18 and adults 18+.  Rates differ for Park District residents coming in as a guest and non-Park District guests. 

To check prices or to purchase guest passes click here.