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Marina Permit

  1. Permit expires October 31 of the year issued unless otherwise stated. No Refunds.

  2. Permit Type

  3. Must provide proof of insurance upon registration.
    Motor boats must provide boat registration.

  4. Fees

    Resident: $17 per foot for launch service plus mooring rental/installation fee.
    Non-Resident: $500 plus $17 per foot plus mooring rental/installation fee

  5. Type of Boat

  6. Installation Fee

  7. Mooring Renters

    0-20 Feet: $200
    21-25 Feet: $250
    26-30 Feet: $300
    31-39 Feet: $500
    40 Feet and Above: $600

  8. Mooring Owners

    $1.25 per pound of anchor weight plus maintenance.
    Winter storage (October 31, 2016 - April 15, 2017) is $40.

  9. Resident Fee: $75
    Non-Resident Fee: $150

  10. Residents Only
    Single Hull Fee: $11 per foot
    Multi Hull Fee: $13 per foot

  11. Residents Only
    Mooring Season Only (April 15 - October 31) Fee: $225

  12. Residents Only
    Mooring Season Only (April 15, 2016 - October 31, 2016) Fee: $100
    Full Year (April 15, 2016 - April 15, 2017) Fee: $200

  13. Terms & Conditions

    I have read the conditions on the reverse side of this application. All of the statements contained herein are true. Failure to observe these conditions and instructions shall render the permit void. I understand that the permit, if granted, may be revoked without notice at the discretion of the Board of Commissioners. Moorings, boats, trailers and contents of lockers not removed by November 10th will be deemed abandoned and disposed of in accordance with General Ordinance 11.0.

  14. Steppingstone Special Anchorage

    This permit is subject to the following conditions.
    - General ordinances of the Great Neck Park District
    - Coast Guard regulations governing mooring in a special anchorage
    - Rules, regulations and procedures for docking facilities

    - The applicant will strictly conform with the US navigation laws and will navigate a vessel within the limits of the anchorage at a speed not exceeding five (5) miles per hour.
    - A mooring permit is issued for an individual boat owner’s exclusive use. A permit authorizes the placing of a mooring of the described type at a specific location. There will be No Refunds once the mooring in put in the water.
    - The Great Neck Park District must be notified immediately when the applicant no longer owns the vessel. The permit is non-transferable and becomes void immediately upon the applicant ceasing to be the owner of the vessel.
    - It shall be the responsibility of the permit holder to ensure the placement and maintenance of the mooring precisely in the position indicated by the Dock Master or his representative. No mooring shall be placed in the anchorage area unless the Dock Master or his representative is present and the permit holder has demonstrated to the satisfaction of the Dock Master or his/her representative that an appropriate type of chain and weight are being used, as described below.
    - The Great Neck Park District assumes no responsibility for any damage sustained or caused by a vessel anchored in Steppingstone Special Anchorage or stored at Steppingstone Park.
    - The permit is subject to cancellation if the applicant does not make use of the mooring within 20 days of issuance of the permit. There are No Refunds once the mooring is placed in the water.
    - Nothing in these regulations shall be construed to release a boat owner or operator from the responsibility of adhering to navigation laws, the regulations of the Great Neck Park District, Ordinance #29 of the Incorporated Village of Kings Point or the Coast Guard regulations for use of inland waterways.
    - If your permit has been revoked by the Great Neck Park District your mooring must be removed within ten (10) days of revocation. Failure to remove an unauthorized mooring will result in the owner(s) being subject to charges for removal of the mooring and or for any resulting liability for maintaining an obstruction to navigation.

    Nothing herein is intended or shall be deemed to create any duty or obligation on the part of the Great Neck Park District to inspect or approve any equipment used by any permit holder with respect to a mooring. Each permit holder is solely responsible for using materials or equipment in connection with the mooring that are appropriate in all respects and suitable for the intended purpose. The permit holder expressly acknowledges by accepting this permit that the Great Neck Park District shall have no liability whatsoever with respect to the inadequacy of the materials and equipment used in connection with moorings.

  15. Beach Boats

    - No boats with motors may be stored on beach. For safety, all boats must be securely locked to the chain provided on the beach.
    - Boat owners are required to affix 3” vinyl numbers to the stern port side of the boat. Number will be assigned by Great Neck Park District staff.
    - Boat owners are responsible for watching for extreme storm and tide conditions to monitor safety of their vessel.
    - Only beach launching trailers are permitted on beach with same 3” numbers as described above.
    - Great Neck Park District assumes no responsibility for any damage sustained or caused by patrons or other vessels.

  16. Ramp Use

    - Anyone wishing to use the boat ramp to launch his/her vessel must have a boat identification sticker affixed to boat or a ramp usage coupon. Both must be accompanied by a valid park card.
    - Ramp facility will be available from 8:15 a.m. until 9 p.m. May through October.
    - Trailer must be uncoupled from vehicle and stored in the boat ramp lot. Vehicle must be parked in main parking lot.
    - While operating personal watercraft, use main channel in front of dock only – and maintain a speed of not more than five (5) miles per hour while in mooring area.
    - When more than one person will be operating a personal water craft, please use the beach on the west side of the dock to change operators.
    - The Coast Guard mandates that watercraft operators wear a Coast Guard approved life vest and have the following safety equipment on board: fire extinguisher, whistle, flare kit and distress flag. A dock or towing line and VHF radio are also recommended. It is illegal to use a personal watercraft after sundown.
    - Personal watercraft flush time should not exceed three (3) minutes. Use at a low speed.
    - The Great Neck Park District will not be liable for injury associated with the use of personal watercraft, or use of the ramp or dock facility.
    - There are no refunds on ramp usage.

  17. Trailer Storage

    - Trailers can be parked only in assigned areas.
    - Trailers cannot be moved during performances at Steppingstone Park.
    - Permit stickers must be affixed to trailer tongue.
    - There are no refunds once stickers are issued.

  18. Boat Lockers

    - The Great Neck Park District does not provide locks or insurance for the contents of any locker.
    - In no event shall the Board of Commissioners of the Great Neck Park District be held liable for any loss of or damage to contents of any locker.
    - There are no refunds once a locker is issued.

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